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Personal lyrics and comforting tunes for healing and growth. Inspiring and personal lectures on mental health and inner strength.


Josefin Wikevand is a Swedish singer, actress, writer & entrepreneur releasing music with the name Wikedhvani. She frequently performs as a singer at different yoga studios, festivals, company events as well as private festive occasions such as weddings and christenings.

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Josefin is frequently booked as a  singer for weddings, yoga events and festivals and has many years of experience performing at different venues with a variation of genres.


In talks about mental health Josefin combines her music with sharing personal stories about grief, hope, motivation and breaking free from co-dependency. 


Except from writing and producing "Följ mig", Josefin is also writing on a large scale project about Australias history - the musical "Motherland".


The name Wikedhvani, which Josefin has used for the release of her music, came to life as a tribute to her Norwegian heritage, combining the first part of her last name with the sanskrit word for sound, creating "sound from the north". With personal lyrics, Josefin is not afraid to shine light on more difficult subjects such as depression and loneliness, something she also shares in talks about mental health. 

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"5 STARS - A wonderful singer with the voice of an angel. Love her music."

Amina Eastham-Hillier, Australia 
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