Josefin Wikevand is a Swedish singer, actress & songwriter with many years of professional training, graduating from the Ballet Academy of Gothenburg Sweden in 2010. Since then, she has worked in different countries with musicals, shows, solo performances as well as appeared in commercials, television & film. She is also creator and host of the area "Hallispirit", a community for yoga, music, dance, wellbeing and crafts - at the festival Hallifornia in Varberg, Sweden. 

The name "Wikedhvani" combines the mix of her northern Norwegian heritage of her surname with the sanskrit word for "sound", creating "sound from the north". The project came to life during a time when she was on a longer period of sickleave for burnout, eager to create music for healing. She writes in both english and swedish and does a lot of collaborations with yoga studios and festivals in Sweden and abroad. As her new single has just been released on official platforms, make sure to follow and give her a thumbs up if you wish to support her journey.



Released in the early start of 2019 the song "It is Ok," was originally written in Swedish by Josefin, as a comforting tune meant to bring hope to herself in a very challenging situation. 


With her own experience of trying to help a loved one dealing with mental health issues, she strongly believes in breaking the stigma and shame around states like depression and anxiety, and hopes that this song will be shared forward to reach anyone who might be in need of support. 

Want to help spread the word? You can download the song for free here or have a listen on Spotify,  and if you like it, make sure you push that "follow" button.  The Swedish version is about to be released on the 17th of July. 


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