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It is ok
Book a musical lecture about mental health.

"I know that you are scared, so many days to stay prepared. I know that you have tried it all, I know how much you care."

In 2019 Josefin released the song "It is ok"  which was originally written in Swedish with the name "Det finns en chans". The song is based on her own experiences living as a close relative to someone with mental illness and became the seed of new ideas for bringing more light to difficult topics in a creative way.


She is now launching her new lecture "Det finns en chans" online which tells a hopeful story about her own journey regarding anxiety, depression & burnout. The Swedish version will be available with subtitles shortly but an english version is also in the making!

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Have a listen below and please reach out for more info or a booking request!

* With support from Region Halland



It is Ok
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