Shine my love! (Whatever the bullies say)

You are allowed to shine. Yes you! For whatever reason you might be reading this I hope you take a moment to look at in which mays you may have told yourself that your´re not allowed to be seen or heard. Or maybe, you have told yourself that if you DO shine in your own unique way, somehow you´ll be abandoned or disliked.

This has so been the case for me for many years of my life. And I can´t tell you how much that have kept me from saying, writing or sharing things from my heart. How sad is that?

I´ve been thinking about this topic a lot lately and it particularly came up when I watched my first recording of my first "musical talk" about mental health. What really saddened me was how MEAN I was to myself in my head, like the worst critic you would ever face. I had comments about EVERYTHING from how I looked to my music and what I was talking about. And I thought - what will the world think of me? And actually mostly, what will all the women think of me. Will they say bad things about me because I might come across as self confident because of sharing this? Even though I am obviously sadly not as confident as I "should" be?

I don´t know what saddened me the most, the horrible voice in my head or the great fear of other women talking trash about me. But I asked for courage to step out of this fear, and as always when you ask - you receive. The most beautiful gift came...

Nadja, a lovely soulsister, suddenly invited me to an amazing free festival arranged by