I like the sound of 2020

Looking back on a decade of unexpected turns & an undying passion for the performing arts.

Hey and welcome! This is Josefin writing. I thought this blog space would be a nice way to gather content and thoughts from my work and life. You will probably see me writing most in English but sometimes I might jump to my mother tongue Swedish as well. (So, bare with me.)

If you do not know me personally you probably do not know that I am a person that just never seems to give up on what my heart tells me to do. Some people say this is a naive way of living and others, like myself - see no other way of living. What we do know for sure is that we have no clue on how much time we have been given and for me, following my inner voice is a way of honoring that time, making the most of it, when I can.

I might add, its not always a very easy road to take and certainly, there are and have been times when I have questioned it. But I always come back to feeling that; no- I just could not do life any other way. Trusting my intuition and gut feeling has led to some extraordinary moments that I can not see myself being without. And if I would have listened to all the people during the years telling me what I could not or should not do (like singing professionally for example) I would have been quite miserable knowing I never tried. And boy, have I tried, and sometimes succeeded!

Anyway, I will try to keep this short now (sorry, it is not my strongest suit) and say that even though January has felt a bit rough it feels good welcoming a new decade. I know it is "just" numbers (or is it?) and we all have the choice to start over at anytime or place. But sometimes nice numbers helps to get that good feeling of good things coming.