Welcome to my world 

I am so pleased you found your way to my webpage and so very happy to connect. This space is a place for me to share what is  going on with my creative pursuits and passions. As you might have noticed, my page is multilingual and I can not promise to stay consistent in what I use here - I just simply swap to whatever language feels more right for each post... so bare with me. 

2020  has, as well all know been very challenging for many. For myself I felt things were finally opening up career wise and then - the pandemic came and with that loosing a lot of work. But I believe there are always good coming out of unexpected changes too, even if they are not visible at first. And I also believe in never giving up on following your hearts desires. So why stop now?

Pandemic or not, I have some very exciting projects to share with you during the upcoming months, hope you want to join my on my path ahead! 

Much love// Josefin 


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